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27. Nov 2006   

ING Group announced today that it has agreed to sell Degussa Bank, a
unit of ING-DiBa specialising in worksite banking for private
customers, to a German investment group consisting of private bank MM
Warburg & CO and various private investors.

The divestment is in line with ING-DiBa's strategy to focus on its
core direct banking activities as well as ING's ongoing strategy to
allocate capital to those businesses that generate the highest

Degussa Bank was fully acquired by ING-DiBa in June 2002. As of 30
September 2006, the bank had a balance sheet total of approximately
EUR 2.8 billion.

For ING Group, the transaction is expected to result in a net
accounting loss of about EUR 15 million, to be booked in the fourth
quarter of 2006. The transaction will free up about EUR 120 million
in Tier-1 capital and result in an increase of 4 basis points in the
Tier-1 ratio of ING Bank NV.

The transaction is subject to applicable regulatory approvals and is
expected to be completed before the end of the year.

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23. Nov 2006   

IDBI Bank, Federal Bank and Fortis sign Joint Venture Agreement to
establish a new life insurance company in India

IDBI Bank, Federal Bank and Fortis announced today that they have
signed a Joint Venture Agreement to establish a new life insurance
company, which will offer a full range of life insurance and
long-term savings products to the Indian market.

Under the Agreement, IDBI Bank will own 48% equity, while Fortis
Insurance International and Federal Bank will each own 26%, which is
the maximum allowable shareholding for a foreign insurer under
India's Foreign Direct Investments regulations.

The Joint Venture Agreement follows the signing of a Memorandum of
Understanding on 11 July 2006.

Subject to regulatory approval, the three partners expect the new
company to be operational by mid-2007. It will promote

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23. Nov 2006   

London - BNP Paribas is pleased to announce that it has entered into two
new contracts to purchase Certified Emissions Reductions ("CERs"),
reflecting the expanding scope of the bank's international environmental
markets platform. The CERs are contracted directly from Clean Development
Mechanism projects, located in Mexico and in India. These new transactions
add to BNP Paribas' diversified portfolio of CERs from several different

CERs are tradable global compliance instruments, created under Kyoto
Protocol rules, from projects which reduce emissions in developing
economies. They can be used by governments seeking to meet Kyoto
obligations as well as for compliance by companies exposed to national or
regional environmental schemes, such as the EU Emissions Trading Scheme.

BNP Paribas has a

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23. Nov 2006   

ING Groep N.V. purchased 4,190,000 (depositary receipts for) ordinary
ING shares for its delta hedge portfolio, which is used to hedge
employee options. The shares were purchased on the open market
between 14 and 21 November at an average price of EUR 33.92 per

ING does not issue new shares to cover employee options. Instead,
employees receive shares from the delta hedge portfolio, which is
maintained to minimise the market risks and price fluctuations that
arise from the employee option programmes. The hedge position is
adjusted periodically, generally on a quarterly basis, during the
open period in accordance with regulatory requirements and ING's
policies to prevent market manipulation.

The hedge book currently holds 52.8 million (depositary receipts for)
ordinary ING shares, representing 2.4 % of the total 2,205 million
shares outstanding.

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21. Nov 2006   

This USD 450 million facility is the largest shipping transaction ever
arranged in the Italian market by an international shipping bank

BNP Paribas has successfully closed an 8-year senior secured loan facility
of USD 450 million in favour of Navigazione Montanari S.p.A, a leading
Italian shipowner involved in oil tankers (both crude oil and oil
products). In this transaction, BNP Paribas will act as coordinator and
rmandated lead arrange, book runner, agent and swap bank. The facility
backed on 15 double hull tankers is intended to re-finance the balance of
loans over the fleet and to finance the newbuilding program of the company
(8 tankers ordered so far) and possibly other investment opportunity
including maybe the takeover of another shipping company

Fabio Montanari, Managing Director of the

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    weiterlesen... 'BNP Paribas has arranged a syndicated transaction for the Italian shipowner Naviagzione Montanari S.p.A in relation to its shipbuilding program'

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